Yogurt Fruit Tart Highlights

Delicious Yet Healthy

The Benefits of Yogurt

Boost Mental Health

Contain probiotic that helps to reduce anxiety, depression and relief stress.

Fight Against Acne

Contain natural-like anti-fungal and anti-bacteria  which helps to prevent acne breakout.

Healthier Bone

Full of vitamin D and calcium that helps regulate the bone mineral density.

Reduce Hunger & Appetite

Rich with protein base that helps you feel full for longer time.

Improve Metabolism

Include balance diet of fibrous carbohydrates and healthy fats which helps boost metabolism.

Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

High content of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium with specific fatty acids may lower the risk. 

Prevent Wrinkles

Contain lactic acid which helps reducing signs of aging and give you brighter and lighter skin.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Contain probiotics which may help to lower down blood pressure hence prevent cardiovascular risks.

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Crispier shell tart bake at the optimum temperature. Not too hard nor too soft which makes it a perfect filling for yogurt. The buttery and the sweetness of the tart shell provides a balance contrast flavor that you will love it.

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